Lights. Cameras. And a whole lot more.

Our experienced production crew brings their expertise to bear in solving the logistical and creative challenges of any production. In-house producers, directors, directors of photography, gaffers and ACs run a tight ship and create a smoothly functioning set so that the focus is always on what’s in front of the camera.

Our various 4k and HD camera packages, along with lenses, monitors, lighting and support equipment, give our directors the tools they need to do their jobs well.
ThoughtFly has all the elements needed to ensure a smooth, well-planned and creatively supportive production. But the most important element is our network of talent, from actors to directors, whose creative energy and dedication to storytelling create innovative works that exceed expectations, on time and on budget.

Editing. Motion Graphics. Effects. Delivery.

The suites at ThoughtFly are designed to streamline the post production process to allow our clients to stretch their creative legs in a comfortable, state-of-the art atmosphere.
Our main edit suite includes a client work area and relaxing lounge, both in view of your own private 60-inch monitor. And behind the chair is our senior editor, Matt Niehoff, driving his top-of-the-line edit system with Adobe Creative Suite and a slew of other programs, plugins, and hardware components that can handle everything from a 4k feature film to custom motion graphics comps and high-resolution visual effects.

When you’re ready to put the finishing touches on your video, our color suite is the perfect place to grade your project with DaVinci Resolve, state-of-the-art control surfaces and custom lighting to ensure your project stays accurate to your vision at all times.

And our studio on Lexington Avenue includes a 5.1 viewing area, common spaces for work and relaxing, and a kitchen with all the comforts and refreshments needed for those long editing sessions.

Recording. Mixing. Composing. ThoughtFly Audio does it all.

Step into our main suite where you’ll find our live room (large enough to record your entire band), our state-of-the art control room running logic and protools, and our 5.1 mixing setup that ensures perfect accuracy for any radio, film or TV project.
In our second suite you’ll find our ADR and voice-over booth with ISDN/source connect along with our custom music composition room.

And our in-house audio technicians, foley artists, composers and musicians have all the skills needed to create a custom sound and music bed from scratch.

ThoughtFly Audio is dedicated to the best sound possible for every project, and we have the technical and creative expertise to make it happen.

Crew. Equipment. Coordination.

Every production lives or dies by the quality of the crew and the effectiveness of the grip, lighting, and electrical equipment. We’ve got you covered.

Ask about our in-house grip truck and lighting packages, or hire our field audio professionals, gaffers, grips, and ACs.

And if you need equipment or crew we can’t provide in-house, we have a network of crew members and local rental options we can offer. Plus our coordinators can line up the talent and gear you need, providing a one-stop solution to even the largest productions.